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Nouvelle publication des données sur l'education

16 Février 2014 , Rédigé par mohamedمحمد

education data release - February 2014 


Release includes updated education finance indicators


New education data for the school year ending in 2012 are now available in the UIS Data Centre, along with updated education finance indicators. Additionally, the UIS has modified the calculation of one finance indicator to improve country coverage and comparability.


The first of three annual updates, the current release includes data for 2012 for 111 countries covering enrolment, teachers and related indicators for pre-primary, primary, secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education. Moreover, nine countries provided data for the 2013 school year ahead of schedule.


At the tertiary level, 2012 data are available for 73 countries.


Education finance indicators, released annually, have been updated using the most recent economic data from the World Bank. Data for 38 countries are now available for the 2012 school year.


Modified calculation


As of Januay 2014, the UIS has modified the calculation of one of its key education finance indicators, ‘Expenditure on education as percentage of total government expenditure’. Data published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on total general government expenditure will now be used instead of data collected from UIS surveys. This change will improve data coverage for the indicator, its comparability across countries and will reduce the burden on survey respondents. However, the revised indicator should not be compared with previously published data. Learn more about the new method of calculation for this indicator.


To consult the 2012 data, users can build custom tables in the UIS Data Centre by taking the following steps:

  • select all countries
  • select data items
  • select 2012 and generate table.

The UIS will publish 2012 reference data, including regional and global averages and totals, in May 2014.




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